Portfolio & Resume


These samples are class assignments from the University of Oregon Public Relations sequence.


PR Plan excerpts

This term I took Advanced PR Writing with Kelli Matthews, a strong social media advocate.  One of our assignments was to create a Social Media Strategy for the Friendship Foundation for International Students (FFIS), a non-profit organization that provides international students at the University of Oregon with resources and support when integrating into the university and surrounding community.  This assignment was challenging because FFIS has little online presence and a somewhat broad audience of volunteers, international students and scholars, and alumni. I recommended building a presence in the blogosphere with strong participation in the online world through the creation of their own blog, profile on the social network Facebook, and consistent interaction with related blogs and online resources.  Also included in the plan are tactics for creating a podcast series and evaluating the various strategies.

My other class this term was PR Planning and Problems with Professor Tom Hagley, a seasoned PR professional.  His class was conducted like a wportfolioorkshop and the class was divided into hypothetical PR teams.  Over the course of the class, we were assigned three cases (from Prof. Hagley’s experience) and progressively added plan components to each case.  Our first plan was the Nihonga Case promoting the kick-off of a world touring, first-of-its-kind art exhibit while simultaneously creating a stronger community unity in the town where the exhibit would be premiering.

Fall term of this year, I started the meat of the PR sequence with John Mitchelle’s PR Writing class.  John is also a seasoned PR professional and journalist.  My favorite assignment was a semi-hypothetical scenario concerning the re-opening of the Robinson Theater on campus.  We were assigned to create a 60 Second Radio Spot script and a Full Page Ad description. I am a very visual person so when I created my full page ad I also created a visual for it using photoshop (image coming soon).  And, because I am fortunate enough to have a great friend who is also a radio DJ, I also got to play around recording my radio ad (still getting permission to post this).

Another assignment I enjoyed (mostly) is researching and presenting a Corporate Social Responsibility presentation for Kelli Matthews’ Adv. PR Writing class.  We were introduced to companies credited with top CSR practices and asked to present their CSR profile to a hypothetical audience of MBA students (as an exec. of the company).  I presented Tiffany&Co.’s CSR in the area of diamond and precious metal trade and processing.  I will admit that I only mostly enjoyed this assignment because I dislike public speaking.  It makes me very nervous — something I continue to work on.

Creative Brief — Tiffany&Co.

Powerpoint Presentation — Tiffany&Co. CSR

With Kelli Matthews as my professor, I was introduced to many different social media mediums.  This blog (and e-portfolio) were both created as class requirements.  I had very little knowledge or interest in social media before this class and now it is a topic I find incredibly interesting and very important to the future of public relations.  But, to get back on topic, podcasting was another medium I was assigned to experience.  I produced a podcast discussing the various ways of measuring the impacts of social media in the context of public relations.  I researched the methods and opinions for measuring social media, organized my thoughts on the topic, and tried my best to sound conversational and relaxed as I imagined an audience of listener.  Listening to several podcasts helped me get a feel for how a podcast should be organized and sound.

Podcast Episode 1

Show Notes


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