Graduating in an economy like this? Why me??

13 03 2009

I read Ryan Anderson’s post “Working the Bottom Rung” on his blog The New PR and found his tips and advice very helpfuhopel and hopeful in an economy that is neither.  Just to summarize some of his tips:

1.  Be reliable

2.  Be detail-oriented

3.  Search for answers before asking questions

4.  Strive to be a better writer

5.  Enjoy the grunt work

6.  Be patient

7.  Have fresh ideas

I’ll be graduating this June and although I am really excited to be finishing my degree, I am also very anxious about finding a job once I have my degree.  I’m 24.  Most of my classmates are two or three years younger than me.  I’ve worked full time throughout my college career which has left me with no time for the valuable internships some of my classmates have been fortunate enough to experience.  In many ways I’m graduating behind the pack.  But, in the context of this list, I can do this!

I’m smart enough to know that it’s going to be difficult to get the job I want in an economy like this but I take pride in having those seven skills listed above there.  Plus one.  Enthusiasm!  So thanks Ryan, this post is going to become a daily affirmation for me.  I can do this!




2 responses

16 03 2009
Paul (from Idea Sandbox)

Honestly, it is always challenging.

Those who make themselves remarkable in ANY economy are the ones who get the jobs.

Yes, instead of 50 applicants perhaps now there are 200. But if you’ve done your best to stand out, show that you have passion and can do the work, you will have higher success of getting the job.

Check out the book Don’t Send A Resume by Jeffrey J. Fox. That book was written when we did NOT have a recession. The lessons are great.

What is YOUR PR plan? How are you going to pitch yourself? Are you going to send another boring press release (your resume) or find a way to break through the clutter with relevant information your audience (potential employer) needs and wants?

Best success to you!

16 03 2009

Thanks so much for the comment. I completely agree that I must make myself stand out (regardless of the economic situation) if I want to be hired.

I really appreciate the book suggestion too. I’ll be sure to check it out.

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