Keys to PR Sucess

23 02 2009


Today I read a post on made by Arik Hanson called PR Colleagues: Don’t Forget to Brush-Up on the Basics.” This post points out the invaluable skills PR professionals must keep honed to better ensure their success.  Here are his key points (he refers to them as core skills)

1.       Professional Skills:  Damn good writing skills are essential in public relations.  Hanson says, “In my opinions the best writers are the best thinkers – and therefore usually end up as keen strategists, strong leaders and luminaries in our business.”

2.       Client Skills:  Know how to communicate with your client.  Be persuasive and persistent.   Hanson reminds us most importantly, “don’t forget to manage your clients expectations – constantly.”

3.       Team Building Skills:  Have effective working relationships with your co-workers.  These are the people that you may be spending most of your day with.  Give credit and support.  And, be positive and enthusiastic – even on a bad day.  Hanson says, “The best leaders and team members I’ve worked with exude a contagious enthusiasm. ”

There’s one more key I would like to add to the ring.  Pardon the cliché, but I think this one will unlock many doors.

4.       Listening Skills:  Listening to the people around you, whether they are clients or your co-workers, will help you understand what their needs are and how to meet them.  Listening to your clients will help you be a better consultant.  Listening to your co-workers builds relationships and makes for a stronger and  more cohesive team.  I would say that first and foremost, listening is a core skill for any PR professional.

What do you think?  Should there be more keys on the ring?




One response

23 02 2009
Heather Yaxley

Nice addition – thinking is essential and a key component in talking with not at others.

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