Be A Ghostbuster

1 02 2009


This being my first blog and my first experience with the blogosphere I think I‘m still pretty naïve to a lot of the pros and cons of Web 2.0 and social media. But, one thing I do know is that transparency is key. Kel Kelly posted a piece called “Ghost’s in the Blogosphere” on her blog and although I don’t think her advice is new, it is nonetheless accurate. Essentially, her point is that ghost writing is bad.  The idea of writing something in another person’s name makes me nervous. It’s like the reverse of plagiarism. Instead of taking someone else’s ideas and passing them off as your own, you are taking your ideas and pretending they are coming from some else.

Surely it doesn’t botwizard-of-ozher the person whose name you’re using, in most cases it’s their idea. The trouble comes when your audience discovers that the person they’ve put their time and trust into isn’t doing the work. Invariably, most of the audience is going to feel much like Dorothy when Toto pulls the curtain back on the so-called Wizard of Oz, only worse. And, they won’t be as forgiving.

It’s strange to me that people often forget how valuable honesty is. There are the old adages and anecdotes about how honesty and hard work are the keys to success and they are as true today as they’ve ever been. I feel there are exponentially more opportunities to hoodwink people and potentially get away with it long enough to make a profit today than ten years ago . . . or five years ago for that matter. For that very reason it is so much more impressive when people don’t. Kelly stated that “we need to stand united as Web 2.0 Ghostbusters and never support a ghost blogging strategy.” I’m in. You?




2 responses

1 02 2009
kel kelly

kristen, thanks for referencing my post. i love your analogy to pulling back the curtain and exposing the wizard of oz. i think the curtain pulling has just begun. i expect quite a few high profile ghostbusts in 2009. 😉

2 02 2009
Kami Huyse

I am glad to hear you express this sentiment. Successful blogs are usually popular because they are written by a person who is passionate about the subject. Ghostwritten blogs usually lack that passion and don’t sustain over time. Not only that but a blog’s popularity is largely dependent on others spreading the word and that requires relationships, which is dependant on there being a real person with which to relate.

In other words, not only is ghostwriting suspect from an autheticity standpoint, it also usually isn’t very effective either.

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