Post 1: My first post.

23 01 2009
That's me in the middle.

That's me in the middle.

I’m Kristen Victory.  Right now, I’m in my last year at the University of Oregon where I am earning my degree in public relations.  I heard this rumor that potential employers have the idea that people my age have an abundance of knowledge about technology and social media.  I’m sure there are lots of people my age – and younger – who do know a lot about these things, I am not one of them.  So, this is my opportunity to get my feet wet before I jump into the career pool.

This is my first journey into the blogsphere.  And, as of a couple of weeks ago I didn’t know anything about blogging, Twitter, Flock, Flickr, (the list could go on and on).  I do use some social media tools like Facebook and YouTube but only as a “joiner” (that’s a new term I learned, it refers to someone who has and maintains a profile on sites like Facebook and Myspace).

With this blog I hope to broaden my knowledge and thoughts of social media.  I learn best when I can get the opportunity to share the information with others.

Bear with me as I find my voice and feel free to leave comments on my posts, things I should check out, and ways I can improve.  Go Ducks!




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